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M&M's new Easter flavor has been leaked — and we can't wait to try it

The next big M&M's flavor for Easter sounds like a dessert dream come true.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s fun to mark the varying seasons with the changing limited editions of M&M's. Whether they are green and red for Christmas or shades of pink for Valentine’s Day, these varieties are as fun a part of each holiday as the legendary Starbucks red cup. To that end, Easter is quickly approaching and the next big flavor from the candy giant has been leaked. Get ready for....Vanilla Cupcake M&M's!

Spotted by Junk Banter in an upcoming Target store weekly circular, the new Vanilla Cupcake M&M's look super pretty. The candies have a white chocolate base and are coated in Easter-friendly candy shells in pastel colors such as soft green, lavender, baby pink, pale yellow and light blue.

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M&M's most recent flavor launch was a White Cheesecake variety, which many thought tasted more like straight white chocolate than cheesecake. Fingers crossed that the Vanilla Cupcake flavor will be much better. Stay tuned to TODAY Food for a real deal taste test.

M&M's is no stranger to inventive flavors and has in the past released limited-edition options as wild as last year’s strawberry shortcake to candy corn to chili nut. There are also caramel M&M's on tap that TODAY's Hoda Kotb is super excited about, but that won’t be around until post-Easter, around May.

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The Target ad suggests that the Vanilla Cupcake M&M's will be available the week following Valentine’s Day on February 19th, so expect to see the latest holiday variety appear just as the Valentine’s M&M's go on sale.

Because, really, aren't post-holiday candy sales the absolute best time to stock up on candy?