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M&M's new Creepy Cocoa Crisp sounds like something you'd eat for breakfast

Bring on the crispy, crunchy chocolate!
/ Source: TODAY

M&M's launches several new flavors each year, and they're usually tied to a relevant holiday or season. But the newest release sounds more like a breakfast food than a candy.

This year, M&M's is launching a Creepy Cocoa Crisp flavor featuring a crispy, milk chocolate rice cereal center surrounded by a layer of dark chocolate.

Though the "creepy" in its name and autumn-colored packaging totally scream Halloween, the new candy has already been spotted on store shelves — right in the middle of summer.

Instagrammer @munchiebunchie originally spotted the candy at Target earlier this month.

Of course, Crispy M&M’s have been around for a while, but the inclusion of a Cocoa Krispies-like center is totally new to the candy that's been everything from nutty to spicy in previous iterations.

A representative for the brand confirmed to TODAY that the new flavor will be available exclusively at Target (with a suggested retail price of $3.19 per bag), while supplies last. Though it is a limited-edition offering for the Halloween season, bags of the candy will be hitting store shelves in the coming months leading up to candy's biggest holiday.

Chocolate-loving tweeters are more than ready to get their hands on a bag.

Crunch combined with milk chocolate is generally pretty delicious , so cereal lovers are likely in for a treat when bags of this new candy hit store shelves nationwide in the coming weeks.