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M&M's is launching a new product for the indecisive snackers among us

This one's for all the folks who simply cannot choose between Peanut and Plain.
/ Source: TODAY

Selecting the right bag of M&M's for movies or munching can be a difficult process. Are we in the mood for something crunchy? More of a melt-in-your-mouth situation? Sweeter? A little more savory? Well, the product developers over at M&M's has a solution — and we forgive them in advance for adding more flavor combinations to our indecisive brains.

On Tuesday, the folks at M&M's teased its fans' taste buds on social media about a new product, and on Thursday, they dropped the big news. For all folks that want all the flavors (or just can't decide between Peanut and Plain), the candy company is launching M&M's Mix.

To be clear, that's one mixed bag of three different flavors.

But the decision-making won't be completely removed from the process of picking out your sweet snack. There are going to be two varieties of M&M's Mix, and while we wouldn't be opposed to mixing in more creative flavors like English Toffee and Thai Coconut, the mixed bags are pretty straight-forward.

The Classic Mix bag includes, well, the classics — Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Peanut and Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter. For the folks who can't choose between milky or dark chocolate peanut candies, there is also the Peanut Mix, which contains Milk Chocolate Peanut, White Chocolate Peanut and Dark Chocolate Peanut.

M&M's Peanut Mix contains all the nuttiness one needs in one bag.
M&M's Peanut Mix contains all the nuttiness one needs in one bag.Mars

Now that everyone is excited and possibly already en route to a nearby grocer, there's a catch: The tasty mix will not hit shelves nationwide until April 2021. When they do, fans can scoop up a 2.5-ounce share size for $1.99 or a 8.3-ounce stand up pouch for $3.99.

As the saying goes, "Good things come to those who wait." But better things may come to those who participate in M&M's social media contests.

Anyone who can't hang in there until April (understandably), can check out M&M's Instagram or Twitter to enter for a free year's supply of M&M's Mix. Just comment on the post why you want a year's worth of M&M's with the hashtag #sweepstakes. By Monday, four lucky winners will be chosen at random and notified by a comment on their post, @ reply or direct message.

Once you've won enough candy to last until next year, the only decision left will be whether to microwave M&M's(like Kim Kardashian does) or eat them straight out of the bag. Another toughie.