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Lucky Charms releases marshmallow-only boxes — for a lucky few!

/ Source: TODAY

Sure, they're "magically delicious," but have you ever wished your bowl of Lucky Charms was even more magical? If so, you're in luck — maybe!

On Thursday, General Mills revealed that they're producing boxes of the classic cereal with loads of marshmallowy hearts, shooting stars, horseshoes, clovers, blue moons and more, but not a single piece of toasted oat.

That's right: all marshmallows!

But with the good news comes the bad: Only 10 boxes of what the company has called "the unicorn of the cereal world" are available.

Are you feeling lucky? If so, you'll have to enter a contest for a chance to own one of the coveted boxes.

Rapper Biz Markie offers up all the details in a Charm-ing sendup of his 1989 hit "Just a Friend."

But it seems there's another way to get your hands on a box of the rare stuff — just be famous!

In the past, the company has sent special boxes to Kylie Jenner, Blake Shelton and other familiar cereal lovers.

Of course, there's also a third option — buy several boxes of Lucky Charms and make your own luck by separating the oats from the sweet treats!

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