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Love 'Tiger King'? These Joe Exotic cakes are taking over social media

Hey, all you cool cake lovers and kittens!
Some of the "Tiger King"-themed kings are super realistic.
Some of the "Tiger King"-themed kings are super realistic. thehayleycakes/the_bakeking/ Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

During trying times, millions across the country have tuned into "Tiger King," an almost too-wild-to-be-true docu-series about big cats and their eccentric keepers. Now, the Netflix show that people just can't get enough of has inspired a new wave of culinary creations this spring.

Everyone wants a slice of the "Tiger King." So, naturally, people are creating cakes to make that dream a reality.

Recent food trends are reflecting the unprecedented circumstances many people are facing right now while being stuck at home for weeks during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

First, there was a surge in toilet paper cakes inspired by the widespread shortage in supermarkets and big-box retailers.

Now, as people have hunkered down, they're apparently ready to feast on edible recreations of Joe Exotic and other cast members.

Customers have reported finding cakes inspired by the show's main characters, Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, in at least one Publix grocery store in Florida. The cake is being sold for $9.99.

TODAY Food reached out to the store's director of communications, Maria Brous. She was unable to confirm whether stores nationwide would start selling the cakes, but did say Publix bakeries are always taking custom orders.

"If customers should have a special request, they should speak with the bakery manager or cake decorator," Brous said. "We strive to find balance between creativity and sensitivity to the unprecedented times we are facing. We do have customers looking for levity and an opportunity to smile."

An Austin, Texas-based bakery called Hayleycakes and Cookies has been whipping up all sorts of "Tiger King" confections. One cake compares Joe Exotic to the kind of year we've all been having because, let's face it, a lot has happened in 2020 ... and it's only April.

People can also order all sorts of "Tiger King" cookies. Some feature tigers, others have Baskin's signature floral headdresses and some feature her signature line: "Hey, all you cool cats and kittens." (If you haven't heard this phrase over social media in the last few weeks, you probably don't have social media.)

Ben Cullen, a baker from the U.K. who appeared on the baking show "Extreme Cake Makers," recreated Joe Exotic's entire head in a strikingly realistic bust.

Some might even find it hard to distinguish the cake from the real thing. Well, until it's time to cut the cake, of course.

Other home bakers have been putting their skills to the test with Joe Exotic's face.

Even printed photos on the icing impart a deliciously realistic feel.

It's official. When it comes to 2020 obsessions, "Tiger King" takes the cake.