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This 'healthy gumbo' recipe made real gumbo fans very angry

The moral of this particular Disney story is if "gumbo" is healthy, it's not gumbo.
/ Source: TODAY

Okay, so, if you're trying to eat healthier, good for you. Seriously, it's a hard thing to do, and more of us need to be better about that.

But can we please be honest with ourselves? Watermelon "pizza" is not pizza, sweet potato "toast" is not toast, and quinoa-kale "gumbo" is not, by any means, gumbo. Call it stew, call it a hearty soup, but for heaven's sake do not call it gumbo, says every Louisianan ever.

A Disney web account posted a Tasty-style recipe video for "healthy" gumbo, attributing it to Princess Tiana of "The Princess and the Frog" (which was set in New Orleans), and it didn't take long for proud Louisianans to pounce on it.

Tujague's Creole Gumbo

The recipe includes kale and quinoa but excluded the roux. That's like making chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips. Kale isn't a good substitute.

Clearly the people over at Disney don't know anything about gumbo — only ratatouille.

The backlash appeared so harsh (angry users were using the hashtag #gumbostrong) that Disney pulled the video down, Grub Street reported.

But that doesn't mean the storm is necessarily over. It is the internet, after all.

Moral of this particular Disney story: If "gumbo" is healthy, it's not gumbo, and also don't ever mess with a Louisianian.

You won't find any kale in Poppy Tooker's classic Creole gumbo below: