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Joy Bauer's 'Fast 5' tips will help you lose weight and boost energy in 2020

If your resolution is to lose some weight, boost energy levels or simply get healthier in 2020, start here.
/ Source: TODAY

Happy New Year! If your resolution is to lose some weight, boost your energy levels or simply jumpstart a healthier 2020, I’ve got you covered with these five easy, attainable and effective tips.

I call them my “Fast 5” because if you stick to them, you’ll be able to see results quickly, and they're so easy you can start doing them today — no equipment or special tools required!

1. Start your day with “Fast 5" fuel

Each day, enjoy a breakfast that’s filled with satiating protein and fiber. This combo will keep your blood sugar steady so you’ll feel filled, fueled and energized until lunchtime. Translation: You’ll be able to rock through your morning to-do list every day of the week. Feel free to enjoy coffee or tea (sans extra sugar) alongside your morning meal.

Need a little more a.m. inspiration? Sip on this easy-to-make Berry Protein Smoothie (get the recipe here). It's packed with Greek yogurt for extra protein.

2. Drink 2 cups of water before lunch and dinner

Water is necessary to maintain a healthy metabolism. Plus, drinking one or two glasses before meals can help fill you up, so you will naturally eat less. Sometimes when you feel hungry, it's actually your body's way of telling you that you're thirsty. Go ahead and guzzle a 16-ounce glass of water (flat or sparkling, your choice) 30 minutes ahead of your meal.

3. If you're eating, take a seat

No more lunching in your car or snacking as you walk around the office. Make it a rule that you can only eat when sitting down. This will help you focus on savoring what’s in front of you and prevent you from becoming distracted and unaware that you’re full. Kick mindless eating to the curb for all mealtimes with this simple step.

4. Always keep healthy foods in sight

You’re more likely to eat nourishing, healthful foods when they’re in plain sight, so keep fresh fruits, vegetables or whole grain popcorn visible. Do this, and when that afternoon hunger inevitably strikes, you’ll be reaching for apples, grapes and carrots ... instead of potato chips, cookies and pretzels.

5. Enjoy a daily dance party — with a 3 song minimum!

Dancing is a terrific way to get your blood flowing and it will get your entire body moving. Plus, it’s so much fun and can instantly elevate your mood and mental outlook for the day. Choose a few of your favorite fast-paced songs and groove your way into a healthier 2020.

Do you want to "Kickstart a Healthy Routine" in 2020 so you can be fit and fabulous? Fill out the information below and tell us why!

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