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Why Lorde brought back her anonymous onion-ring–rating Instagram account

Lorde revealed in 2017 that she was operating an anonymous onion-ring–rating Instagram. After years of inactivity, it's back.
As she sings in her hit song "Royals" from 2013, "I cut my teeth on onion rings in the movies."
As she sings in her hit song "Royals" from 2013, "I cut my teeth on onion rings in the movies."TODAY Illustration / Getty Images

In 2017, singer Lorde released her second album, launched an international tour — and revealed that she was operating an onion-ring–rating account on Instagram.

During an appearance on the "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Lorde confirmed that she was behind the account @onionringsworldwide after Fallon asked her if she ordered onion rings at her favorite diner. Rumors had already been flying that the New Zealand singer was behind the account, since she was just one of the few users the account followed.

"I have to explain for a second, here's the thing," Lorde said. "I sort of naively didn't realize that it would be a thing, that I was going to different places and trying the onion rings at each of those places … I feel like it reads like the kind of thing a popstar would do to look relatable, which I wasn't! It was a funny thing with my friends on the tour and I was like, 'This is a good pastime.'"

Lorde told Fallon that, while she enjoyed rating the fried snack, she shut down the account.

"I just felt like now everyone knows about it and it would be something I was doing to curry favor, and I’m like, people are going to be throwing onion rings at me on tour, and it’s going to be a whole thing," she said. "It was fun for like five seconds."

True to her word, the account went dead and nothing was posted — until 2020.

Over the weekend, four new onion ring rankings were posted, to the delight of some fans.

"Don't call it a crumb back," read the caption of the first post, which showed two onion rings wrapped in a napkin, with more fried food in the background.

In another post, Lorde wrote that she was enjoying her "first onion ring in some time" from a restaurant in Queenstown, New Zealand.

"Mates, she was a good onion ring," Lorde wrote. "Great crunch, full distinct rings. So good I forgot to take a pic until the end. 4.5/5."

In a third post, shared the same day as the first two, Lorde wrote that she had taken a break from her favorite snack after "the great debacle of 2017."

"I've got to be honest with you, this reviewer stopped ordering onion rings after her identity was leaked to the press in the great debacle of 2017," she wrote. "I'd get a smile and a wink from waitstaff - it got embarrassing, you know? But it occurred to me that some things are too good to let the internet spoil."

In a fourth post, Lorde rated a "humble, honest" onion ring from a fish and chip shop, noting that while she missed the "crunch of a true battered ring," it was "perfectly seasoned" and "brought joy."

In her 2017 appearance on "The Tonight Show," Lorde explained that she does have a few preferences for her onion rings.

"I have a few secrets on the onion rings," she said. "From my own sort of semi-professional adventures, I think that a batter works better than a crumb … It’s a bit lighter. And the other thing you can do to really make the onion ring magical is lightly pickle the onion before you batter it up. It takes on this acidity and it’s incredible."