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At Long Last: A Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

Yep. Online retailer This Is Why I’m Broke is now featuring a self-stirring mug for those “lazy tea and coffee drinkers everywhere.” Because surely you can’t be bothered to stir your own milk before you’ve had your caffeine fix.

With one simple push of the button, the cup will magically stir (aka spin violently) on its own. So, is this a push to be environmental and save coffee stirrers? (We should mention that it runs on batteries, which, naturally, are not included.) Or is this just an “lol look at me!” gimmick? The mug kind of goes hand-in-hand with birthday candle forks (okay, those are kind of awesome) and the rumored baby mop, but we are going to file this invention under “completely and utterly pointless.”

So, what do you think about the self-stirring mug? Totally wacky or absolute genius?

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