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Lizzo's 'elite' burrito-eating method baffles fans on TikTok

The singer's divisive video about eating burritos has over 8.1 million views so far.
Lizzo recently sparked a debate on the right way to eat a burrito.
Lizzo recently sparked a debate on the right way to eat a burrito.TODAY Illustration / Getty Images
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Lizzo is standing by her unique method of eating burritos, even if most of her fans are simply baffled by it.

In a video that's quickly amassed more than 8.1 million views, the singer addresses the massive food debate she sparked earlier this month and explains why she prefers to bite into the center of a burrito first instead of the ends.

In case you missed it, the 33-year-old sent her fans into a tailspin a few weeks ago when she posted a video of herself enjoying a burrito in a somewhat unconventional way. The short clip was captioned "Do you like burritos? 😃" and shows the singer biting into the middle of the burrito then pouring some sauce in the spot she just chewed off. She continues to bite down the center until the burrito is in two pieces.


Do you like burritos? 😃

♬ original sound - lizzo

TikTok users were confused by the bizarre approach to eating a burrito and many of them let the singer know they were vehemently opposed to it in the comments section. Flash forward a few weeks and Lizzo decided to address the debate head-on in a follow up video that she captioned "YOURE WELCOME 😤."

In the three-minute clip, the "Truth Hurts" singer begins by explaining why she felt compelled to address her previous video.

"So I've had some people hating on the way I was eating my burrito and it really irks me because I'm like, y'all must not know that this is the elite way to eat a burrito. And I'm going to explain to you why," she said.



♬ original sound - lizzo

The songstress held up her burrito and imitated the way that most people eat them — by biting into either end — then said "K, cool if you're into that kind of thing." Next, she added some vegan ranch dressing and hot sauce to the center and took a moment to educate her followers on what she believes is the proper way to eat a burrito.

"Now you see this right here? (You're) about to get all of the (contents of) this burrito right now. You're not gonna get the bread (on the side) and the other bread (on the other side)... (you're) gonna get all the stuff," she said.

After taking her first bite, Lizzo pours some more ranch and hot sauce on and continues to bite down the middle until the burrito is in two pieces.

"Now you have the perfect two sides of a burrito and you can finish it that way," she said and dipped one half in hot sauce. "If you're like me and you like to save half of your burrito for later you've got half for later."

Most of the singer's followers were left wondering why she didn't just cut the burrito in half from the get-go so she could get to the middle without all the extra mess.

"Would it be easier to just slice it down the middle," one TikTok user wrote.

One fan shared the following sentiment: "Babes I love u I truly do but this deserves jail time PLEASE." Another thought Lizzo's approach to eating was just plain criminal, writing "I can understand this logically but emotionally it just doesn't make any sense."

One other TikTok user noticed that Lizzo noshes on burritos the way that some people enjoy a popular summer vegetable: "You eat it like corn."

Some folks weren't just disturbed by Lizzo's approach to eating a burrito but also pointed out that they were confused by her choice of condiments.

"*cries in Mexican* NO HONEY NOT THE RANCH PLEASE," one user wrote.

Still, the TikTok account for Frank's Red Hot did appreciate the fact that the singer added hot sauce and gave it a shout-out in her video. "She said what she said," the brand wrote and added a clapping emoji.

All in all, most TikTok users were a bit unsettled by the video, but a few rare folks did seem to appreciate all the thought that Lizzo has put into eating burritos.

"Is it unhinged? Yes. Does it make sense? Also yes," one fan wrote.