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Lizzo made the viral green goddess salad she's 'been haunted by'

"I’m finally, finally, finally doing it!" the singer says, holding up a cabbage.
/ Source: TODAY

Aside from her singing, rapping and fluting, Lizzo is known for showing off her vegan cooking skills on TikTok, and she just whipped up one of her most scrumptious-looking creations yet.


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The Grammy winner and salad enthusiast, 33, made the green goddess salad from Melissa Ben-Ishay, the founder of Baked by Melissa. The recipe's been going viral in recent months — Ben-Ishay even appeared on TODAY to show off her salad-making skills — and Lizzo was clearly jazzed to try her hand at it.

"I’ve been haunted by this salad and now I’m finally, finally, finally doing it!" she says, holding up a cabbage.

She begins by finely chopping up the base ingredients for the salad, including cabbage, cucumber and chives. Then, as she makes the salad dressing, she peppered her cooking demo with some colorful commentary.

Get the recipe:

Green Goddess Salad

"What’s a person from Boston’s favorite book? Shaaallot’s Web," she said as she threw some shallots into the blender.

"If you’re a garlic b----, make some noise!" she added as she threw in a huge spoonful of chopped garlic. And she subs in lime juice for lemon because, simply, "I like limes better," she says.

She then adds rice wine vinegar, walnuts, cashews, basil, chives, spinach, avocado oil, nutritional yeast, and salt and pepper, and blends everything together to make a vibrant green dressing, which she drizzles over the chopped veggies.

Then, she uses a tortilla chip to scoop up some of the salad — just like Ben-Ishay does — and judging by her wide-eyed expression when she takes her first bite, she was a fan.

Ben-Ishay was over the moon when Lizzo tried out her recipe, and she shared her own reaction video on the app.

She looks on in awe as Lizzo makes her salad, dropping in captions like, "I love you Lizzo," and "Queen. She’s the queen."

"I love a good chopped salad," Ben-Ishay told TODAY Food back in November. "At my core, I'm a creator, so the process of creating is what I find good. Chopping is therapeutic for me. My friends love watching me chop."

And Lizzo is definitely jumping on the salad bandwagon. She's posted multiple salad recipes on social media, including a recent TikTok with the recipe for her VBLT (vegan bacon, lettuce and tomato) salad.

"Another day another salad," she wrote in the caption.