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Lizzo shared her vegan hack for viral feta pasta dish

We're getting hungry just thinking about it!
Fans are digging Lizzo's new vegan culinary creation. Emma McIntyre / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Even Lizzo couldn't resist making that feta pasta dish that's been going viral on TikTok.

The singer, who has been vegan for nearly a year, shared her own take on the popular recipe this week and chronicled her cooking journey for fans to see.

In the video, posted to her TikTok account, the 32-year-old starts off by saying "I finally did it y'all, I made the pasta."

She goes on to show some of the ingredients she used, including cherry tomatoes, vegan goat cheese (instead of feta), garlic, "hella basil" and grapeseed oil.

@lizzo / TikTok

"Then I seasoned her with all of the things I like," she said. "I added some honey and chili flakes cuz I've seen some people do that on this app."

While the dish was cooking, the "Good As Hell" singer boiled some Banza chickpea pasta and was relatively impressed with the results when her oven timer went off.

"She was looking cute when I pulled her out but I was like 'Are these tomatoes gonna blend like that?' B**** they did," she said.

@lizzo / TikTok

After mixing everything together and adding in the cooked pasta, Lizzo was pleased with the final product.

"You add the pasta with the other stuff...and that's how my baby looks y'all," she said and showed off her delightful dish.

Fans were digging Lizzo's culinary creation (the video has 1.5 million views so far!) and left a slew of comments on the post.

@lizzo / TikTok

"OMG your cooking videos always make me want to cook! (Even when I already have)," one wrote. "Goat cheese is always a good choice!!! Love your take on this," another commented.

But some of them were a bit confused when they heard that she used honey in the recipe.

@lizzo / TikTok

"Wait, is Lizzo proper vegan? Because I know a lot of vegans that don't eat honey at all," one TikTok user wrote. Another commented, "It could be a vegan honey."

Many people seemed to dig the idea of adding honey, though. "Honestly the honey just makes it ten times better," one said.

The mouthwatering dish has been making the rounds on TikTok in recent week and seems to have originated in 2019 when Finnish food blogger Jenni Häyrinen created it, calling the dish "Uunifetapasta," the Finnish word for oven-baked feta pasta.

So, has the blogger noticed that TikTok users have been putting their own spin on her dish?

"I love seeing different variations," she recently told TODAY. "The whole point of why I do this is to inspire others to cook and share ideas."