Living the high life: First-class meals served 150 feet off the ground

There are no bathroom breaks and you'd better not drop your fork, but it’s a dining experience that will leave you sky-high.

Since 2004, Dinner in the Sky events have treated diners in 47 countries to first-class meals while they are suspended 150 feet off the ground. In a Monday segment on TODAY, NBC's Michelle Kosinski joined a group of diners who were suspended in mid-air on a platform held by cables attached to a crane in Brussels, Belgium. They sipped wine for some liquid courage, took some dizzying photos, and enjoyed a meal prepared by two renowned chefs who each have two Michelin stars.

TODAY's Michelle Kosinski toasts a fellow diner while strapped into her seat high above Brussels.

The diners are strapped into chairs that look like something out of a race car and are seated around a rectangular table with the chefs and a server in the middle. Each meal usually seats 22 diners, and the cost is $350 per person -- not just for the fine cuisine, but also the predictably sky-high insurance costs.

Two highly rated chefs prepared the meal in Brussels. The meals cost $350 per person due to the fine cuisine and insurance costs.

A Diner in the Sky event can be held anywhere from a golf course to a racetrack to a historical site, as long as a surface of 100 feet by 50 feet can be secured and proper permission is obtained from the area’s owner.