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Crazy for coffee? Learn how to make the best tiramisu, espresso martinis and more

Chef Anthony Contrino is celebrating coffee in a variety of ways.
/ Source: TODAY

To many Italians, coffee is more than just a drink — it's a lifestyle. In this week's episode of TODAY All Day's "Saucy," chef Anthony Contrino shares his favorite recipes as an ode to coffee. First, he demonstrates how to make the perfect espresso using a Moka pot then makes his favorite coffee beverage: a shakerato. For dessert, he whips up everyone's favorite pick-me-up, a classic tiramisu.

Caffè Shakerato

This not-so-common iced coffee was introduced to me by a friend and I’ve been addicted ever since. With only two ingredients (the best espresso you can get your hands on and great sugar) it’s pretty easy to make at home. I’m not usually one to drink black coffee, but when you vigorously shake the hot espresso and sugar over ice, the result is a smooth and velvety beverage.

If a shakerato is my afternoon drink of choice, this mortadella and provolone panino is my ultimate sandwich. This takes a classic bologna and cheese to a totally new level with earthy artichoke tapenade and crave-able garlic butter creating an inside-out garlic bread crunch!

Best Tiramisu

A tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts and that's because it's easier to prepare than you might think. Plus it can definitely be made the day ahead of a party. The layered creamy textures and gentle flavors of vanilla and mascarpone balance perfectly with bold espresso and rich cocoa.

Sometimes it's hard to decide between a cocktail or dessert, so why not enjoy a treat that satisfies both cravings? An espresso martini can typically be made with just three ingredients but I add a little something extra for more creaminess.

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