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Lazy or just plain genius? Hack for watching boiling water goes viral

One Twitter user is blowing up the internet with a trick that let him keep an eye on the stove ... without interrupting precious TV time.
/ Source: TODAY

Of all the tedious tasks we’re forced to take on in the kitchen, boiling water ranks ... nowhere on the list. But apparently, we may be alone in thinking that.

But Twitter user Justin Hillister basically blew the collective minds of people across social media with a little iPhone FaceTime “hack” that let him keep an eye on a boiling pot of water — without interrupting precious TV time.

Because all that standing up, walking to the kitchen and sitting back down is a total vibe-killer.

To his astonishment, which he later tweeted about, Hillister's problem-solving skills turned him into a Twitter star, with over 47,000 retweets. Many were actually really impressed with his somewhat high-tech trick.

While others pointed out that there are, in fact, other low-tech solutions that take even less work.

But many others were just utterly shocked that a dude had such a spotless kitchen.

The truth is that if there’s no salt or starch in your water, or you really overfill your pot, it’s not going to boil over — because plain water will just evaporate. Thanks, science!

So we recommend that you simply set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes, kick up your feet and rest easy knowing your precious smartphone won't fall over into a boiling pot of water while you're trying to make dinner.