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Lay's chips have a new look — and a very comforting new flavor

It's the first time the brand's logo has been updated in over a decade.
Lay's launches a brand new bag and limited-time flavor this fall.
Lay's launches a brand new bag and limited-time flavor this fall.Lay's
/ Source: TODAY

Lay's has launched some pretty wacky snack flavors in the past but its newest chip will be very familiar to those who love classic comfort foods.

For many, it doesn't get much better than enjoying a grilled cheese and tomato soup on cold, rainy day. Thanks to Lay's, this warming flavor profile of salty, savory, buttery goodness can soon be eaten on-the-go in chip form.

Frito-Lay will launch its limited-edition cozy fall flavor on Oct. 21. Lay's

According to a Frito-Lays spokesperson, Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup chips will hit stores Oct. 21 for a limited time and cost around $3.49 for a standard bag. Each chip supposedly tastes of tomato and buttery cheese, with notes of cream and toast. Luckily, this snack sounds a bit more savory (and pleasant) than the creamy hints from the Cappuccino chip launched in 2014.

The new chip comes on the heels of Lay's latest launch — a sleek new logo and revamped potato chip bag. In September, the brand redesigned its packaging for the first time in 12 years. The new look isn't a dramatic shift, but avid fans may have noticed a slight change in the logo's font and size, with a cursive "y" and smaller "L."

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New sleek look, same delicious taste. 😎

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The new chip flavor coincides with the brand's kickoff of the "Gotta Have Lay's" contest where people can win a year's supply of potato chips.

This year, the campaign requires folks to post a photo of themselves with one of the new packages of chips. The brand will select five winners a day for just over a month until it reaches a cap of 200 winners (that's 10,000 bags of chips). Lay's did not disclose exactly which flavors are included in the winning supply but we're sure comfort foods fans will figure out how to get their hands on the new soup-and-sandwich flavor.