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Celebrate Lunar New Year with longevity noodles and prosperity cakes

Manifest longevity and prosperity with Kristina Cho's family-favorite recipes.
/ Source: TODAY

Food blogger and cookbook author Kristina Cho is stopping by the TODAY kitchen to share a couple of her favorite recipes to celebrate Lunar New Year. She shows us how to prepare spicy hand-pulled noodles and four-ingredient steamed cupcakes.

Making your own hand-pulled longevity noodles is a great way to help ensure a long and happy life. I love the process of kneading, twisting and pulling these noodles, and they come out with a wonderful chewy texture that's perfect with a spicy and creamy sesame sauce.

When I was a kid, I knew that Lunar New Year was around the corner when my Pau Pau (grandma) made her steamed cupcakes. Fa gao is also sometimes called "prosperity cake," because the bigger and taller the cake tops bloom, the more prosperous your new year promises to be. The unexpected secret to Pau Pau's steamed cupcakes is a box of Bisquick! It's not a traditional Chinese baking ingredient, but it gives these unassuming brown sugar-sweetened cakes a tender crumb and beautifully bloomed top.

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