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Gimme s'more! Krispy Kreme releases 2 doughnuts inspired by the campfire classic

Celebrate National S'mores Day with these limited-edition treats.
Krispy Kreme's latest doughnut collaboration is with Hershey's for National S'mores Day.
Krispy Kreme's latest doughnut collaboration is with Hershey's for National S'mores Day.Krispy Kreme
/ Source: TODAY

What's summer without s'mores made over a campfire?

This National S'mores Day, Aug. 10, Krispy Kreme is upping the celebratory ante by partnering with Hershey's to release two brand new limited-edition doughnuts designed with s'mores lovers in mind.

Participating Krispy Kreme locations throughout the U.S. and Canada are now carrying both the S'mores Classic Doughnut, a doughnut filled with marshmallow cream, dipped in Hershey's chocolate icing, drizzled with marshmallow cream and chocolate icing and topped with marshmallow crumbs, and the S'mores Fudge Cake Doughnut, a Hershey's fudge cake doughnut dipped in marshmallow icing, decorated with chocolate icing and and topped with chocolate chips.

National S'mores Day is Aug. 10, but the chocolaty doughnuts will be available at Krispy Kreme locations while supplies last.Krispy Kreme

This isn't the chain's first collaboration with a candy company. In 2019, the brand partnered with Reese's to release two peanut butter-flavored doughnuts, and earlier this year, two Oreo cookie doughnuts made their way to stores.

Dave  Skena, chief marketing officer for  Krispy Kreme, said the new release is all about celebrating a classic summer treat.

"We're teaming up with Hershey’s, one of the key ingredients for any s’more, to give fans doughnuts that satisfy their marshmallow-graham-cracker-chocolate desires in an amazing new way," said Skena in a press release.

The latest Krispy Kreme collaboration is available while supplies last at participating locations.