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Kraft launches pink mac and cheese for Valentine's Day that tastes like … candy?

This magenta mac does not get us in the mood for canoodling.
Why get a box of chocolates when you could have a box of pink mac and cheese?
Why get a box of chocolates when you could have a box of pink mac and cheese?TODAY Illustration / Kraft Heinz
/ Source: TODAY

There are a lot of foods that pair together perfectly to spark a little romance. Spaghetti and meatballs, for instance. Chocolate and strawberries, too. Kraft's Valentine's Day concoction, on the other hand, sparks confusion.

While macaroni merges with cheese most harmoniously, Kraft decided to add on a third wheel for Feb. 14: candy … pink candy. And no, the candy is not for dessert.

Well, it's definitely pink.
Well, it's definitely pink.Kraft Heinz

On Wednesday, Kraft-Heinz announced a contest to give out free "kits" of its latest, limited-time mac and cheese. The box of Original Mac & Cheese will be joined by a packet of pink, candy-flavored powder to mix into one's cheesy dinner. According to the brand, the mix will turn the noodles a bright magenta color, rather than that familiar orange.

So, what makes the powder pink? Is it crushed-up conversation hearts? Is it a special dust from Cupid's arrow? Actually, according to a Kraft-Heinz spokesperson, the vibrant pink hue comes from beetroot and carrot concentrates. As for what makes it tastes like candy, the extra packet of powder contains fructose, natural flavors and vanilla extract, they said.

To win a free box of the neon noodles, head to beginning at 8 a.m. CST through Feb. 8 at 12 p.m. CST and enter the contest. A thousand winners will be selected to receive the magenta mac in time for Feb. 14.

So, for anyone who felt compelled by Mountain Dew's similarly pink watermelon soda or pleasantly surprised by Kraft's pumpkin spice mac and cheese, you might want to be the winner of this dinner.