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Kim Kardashian West has a pretty unusual way of eating M&M's

What could be better than warm, gooey chocolate? Not burning your tongue.
/ Source: TODAY

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West gets a lot of attention for everything from her selfie skills to her makeup techniques, but recently, it's how she eats candy that's getting noticed.

Back in November, West shared an Instagram story about how she consumes M&M's.

“Fun fact about me is I take M&Ms and I heat them up in the microwave for 20 seconds so that inside they’re hot and the chocolate is melty,” she explained, holding up a plate of custom ordered blue and white candies.

The wild (or genius?) hack was even intriguing enough for her sister Kourtney Kardashian, who is a notoriously health conscious eater, to try them. And she loved it!

Naturally, the conversation continued on Twitter, where more fans of the star weighed in on the somewhat unusual suggestion.

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager tried out the hack for themselves on Friday and decided, as Jenna put it, "Kim is right."

Hoda suggested putting the melted candies "on a big bowl of popcorn" and mixing it all up.

"You know what would be even better?" asked Jenna. "Reese's Pieces ... melted." But Hoda admitted she doesn't like Reese's Pieces — she prefers Peanut Butter M&M's for "the right chocolate-to-peanut-butter ratio."

While the idea of hot melty chocolate seems like a win (just think about a fresh-baked chocolate cookie studded with M&M's), the concept of sticking candy with a hard shell into a microwave is problematic. So is it actually a good idea?

At least one pastry chef is on board with the concept of the treat. "This is a great idea for a quick, sweet snack. It's the winning combination of crunchy shell and smooth, warm chocolate!" Brigette Contreras, STK's executive pastry chef, told TODAY Food.

That being said, don't go overboard. "Don't leave the M&M's in the microwave for longer than 10-15 seconds," said Contreras. "If left in longer, the chocolate will burn and seize making it hard and not able to remelt."

But that's not the only potential risk. "If the M&M's get too hot, those enjoying them can burn their mouths," she added.

Bite-sized candies aren't the only sweets that work well this hack if you're craving a warm chocolate dish. "If you're looking for an alternative sweet snack with the crunchy outside and a soft, warm inside, I recommend warming mini chocolate covered doughnuts in the microwave," said Contreras, adding that it basically mimics eating a cake that's fresh from the oven.

Just make sure not to overheat the doughnuts, either.