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Khloé Kardashian's go-to Starbucks order is pretty bizarre

The reality star revealed her favorite drink from the coffee chain during an interview with sister Kylie Jenner.
Khloe Kardashian
Getty Images/@starbucks/Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to the Kardashian sisters, there are a lot of questions fans are dying to know.

What's Kim's favorite lip liner? How does Kris keep up with all those adorable grandkids? Who has the best shoes?

But one question fans haven't yet asked (or didn't know they wanted to hear) is Khloé Kardashian's favorite order from Starbucks. Surprisingly, her favorite drink from the coffee chain doesn't have any coffee in it. And it's not the hot pink Dragon Drink that's as Instagram-worthy as she is.

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During an interview conducted by her younger sister Kylie Jenner, Kardashian revealed her go-to Starbucks order — and it might leave more than a few fans scratching their heads.

"Venti, seven pump, no water chai latte,” Kardashian, 34, responded when her baby sis, 21, asked about her favorite drink.

Seven pumps?!

While that might seem like a lot of sugary goodness, a Starbucks barista told TODAY Food that a hot venti chai latte typically has five pumps of chai tea concentrate. However, that is then diluted by hot water (which usually fills about half the cup) and steamed milk. A tall drink usually has three pumps of flavoring, while a grande has four.

By skipping the water and adding extra flavor, Kardashian has created her own, much richer version of the spicy tea drink.

When Jenner asked her sister to elaborate on what a "seven pump" drink really means, Kardashian put it simply: "Just a little extra fabulousness. Chai!”

The sisters, who are currently promoting their Kylie Cosmetics Koko Kollection collaboration, also delved into other pressing food matters. When it comes to fast food, Kardashian admitted that Popeye's was her top spot.

Then the reality star also disclosed to Jenner that she would eat bugs for money. More specifically, she'd eat a cockroach for $1 million.

"I wouldn't eat a cockroach for a million," Jenner said.

Kardashian laughed and replied, "Well, 'cause you're a billionaire!"

For folks who want to try their own Khloé-fied chai latte (sans the cockroach topping), it's a pretty easy order to make.

So just skip the water and go all in on being sweet and spicy — just like the Kardashians.