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Spice up the holidays! KFC is bringing back its fried chicken-scented fire log

Forget pine and cinnamon when Christmas could smell like crispy fried chicken.
KFC selling chicken-scented fire log
/ Source: TODAY

Everyone knows that when the weather outside is frightful, a fire is so delightful. But KFC is putting a whole new twist (or flavor?) to that toasty feeling.

On Thursday, the fried chicken chain announced the return of their chicken-scented fire log, which sold out in just three hours last year.

Like last year, the logs are available on KFC's website while supplies last, selling for $18.99 each.

“You’ll never settle for a boring, fire-scented fire again,” the chicken giant said in 2018 when it first announced the logs.

To make the new product, the fried chicken company teamed up with Enviro-log, a Yule log manufacturer that works with only recycled materials, to wrap logs in KFC-scented, fire-starting paper. Together, the log company and KFC imbued a limited supply of fire logs with the “mouth-watering aroma of Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe,” according to a KFC statement.

The creation is officially called the “KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog,” and is challenging true chicken lovers everywhere to fill their homes with the scent of KFC’s fast-food kitchens.

Last year, KFC fans were either pretty fired up or totally confused about the idea:

The general consensus is leaning toward disbelief and utter amazement.

KFC warned that the log’s smell may attract hungry bears and neighbors, but the log is, of course, not to be eaten. Each log burns for up to 3 hours with its spicy aroma. But, unlike real chicken, the log doesn't expire and it has no shelf life — as long as it doesn’t get wet.

Although KFC customers may not be able to resist the chicken-scented log, it’s not a thrifty purchase for someone trying to keep warm all winter long.

Enviro-log sells a six-pack of its 5-pound logs for $16 at many hardware stores. KFC wants fans to buy just one of its logs for $18.99.

KFC selling chicken-scented fire log
Typically, it takes at least two logs to get a good fire roaring. But KFC set a chicken-scented log limit at one per customer.@kfc/Twitter

KFC contends that the smell will make any fire “a hundred bajillion times better,” but, if you’re really hungry for some chicken-scented comfort, you’re probably better off just buying some chicken and lighting a regular old fire-smelling fire.

This post was originally posted Dec. 13, 2018 and has since been updated with info from this year's promotion.