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Kevin from 'The Office' relives his infamous chili fail in hilarious new ad

The actor who played the lovable yet clumsy accountant is slinging baked beans for Bush’s.
/ Source: TODAY

The outrageously hilarious moment when Kevin Malone dropped his famous chili at the very beginning of an episode of “The Office” is one of the most unforgettable scenes in the show’s history. Fans of the series have likely rewatched his clumsy antics dozens — perhaps even hundreds — of times.

Now, the actor who played Kevin is appearing in a new commercial where he finally gets another chance to make some chili. But will he actually be able to serve it to anyone this time?

In the show's original scene, which first aired in 2009, actor Brian Baumgartner (the man behind Kevin) hypes up his family’s famous chili recipe during an interview — only to drop the monstrous vat of meaty stew as he walks into the Dunder Mifflin offices.

“It’s probably the thing I do best,” he says in the pre-taped interview, while the camera shows his character desperately trying to scrape chili — arguably one of the messiest foods ever — off of the carpeted floor.

In the new advertisement for Bush’s Beans, Baumgartner appears in a kitchen and we see him getting ready to put the finishing touches on his chili.

“Hello, I’m Brian Baumgartner. And yes, this is a giant pot of chili,” he begins. “Because today is National Chili Day, and I do make a mean pot of chili.”

He goes through the steps of putting the meal together, making a few forgivable messes along the way.

“When serving chili, I try to be one with the bean,” he says as he finishes the dish, carefully ladling the food into a bowl, then adding a dollop of cream cheese and a delicate sprinkle of cheese.

“Nailed it! It’s beautiful,” he says excitedly into the camera.

But just as he's about to wish the world a "Happy National Chili Day," the inevitable happens and, with one wild hand gesture, the actor's chili is a goner.

The commercial has already received a lot of praise on social media. It's been watched over 570,000 times on Twitter and Baumgartner's post about his new gig has been retweeted over 13,000 times.

Many people were delighted by the chance to see the man behind Kevin trying to make chili happen again.

Some super fans noticed that a key step seemed to be missing from the actor's modern recipe.

Overall, there seemed to be just one complaint about the spot: Many people were surprised to learn that Baumgartner sounds nothing like his "Office" character in real life.

If you do want try out Baumgartner's chili recipe, Bush's has shared Brian's Famous Chili recipe online. Just try not to spill it.