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'Wok pop': Kevin Bacon shares his favorite way of making popcorn

The star shared his favorite way of making the classic movie treat.
Kevin Bacon shows there's no butter way to make popcorn than in a wok.
Kevin Bacon shows there's no butter way to make popcorn than in a wok.kevinbacon / Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Kevin Bacon just shared his favorite spin on a classic movie snack.

The “Apollo 13” star recently posted a video on Instagram, showing off a fun way to make popcorn in a wok.

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"Family movie night? Date night? I know just what you need: Wok Pop," he captioned the clip. "Homemade always tastes best to me, worry about the cleanup after the movie."

In the clip, Bacon sells "wok pop" as a nice alternative.

“Hey, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been watching a lot of movies during this pandemic. When I watch movies, I really want to have popcorn and I like to make my own,” he says.

Bacon, who has wowed fans with clever ways to slice bananas and prepare mangoes, then reveals his fun way to make it, by showing popcorn kernels in a wok and adding coconut oil before covering it up with a top.

“Wok pop,” he says.

He then has some fun by saying the people in his house enjoy watching movies that begin with a certain letter, noting that they’ve chosen the letter “F” on this particular night. He suggests titles that he has appeared in, including "Footloose," "Flatliners," "Friday the 13th" and "A Few Good Men," only to be shot down in favor of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” which does not feature Bacon.

And while we wouldn’t dare make a "306 degrees of Kevin Bacon" reference while the wok heats up, he does turn his attention back to cooking when the popcorn begins to take shape as it pops while a lid keeps the snack in the pot.

“Oh, yeah. The sweet sound of wok pop,” he says.

Bacon unveils another trick, adding butter after the popcorn has been in the wok for a little while to give it some flavor.

“Just keep it going until you hear it starts slowing down, man. And be careful when you lift it off to check because what happens — that, that and that,” he says as the popcorn starts flying out of the pan.

Bacon removes the lid again to sprinkle on some salt and pepper for further flavor, but notes that, while it’s delicious, it can be messy.

“About three hours of cleanup. Wok pop,” he says as the clip draws to a close, with pieces of popcorn jumping out of the pan.