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What are 'chaffles'? Here's how to make the cheesy, keto-friendly snack

Whether they're used as a substitute for bread or fried pickles, chaffles are the low-carb treats TikTok is going crazy for.
What are those crispy, cheesy waffles taking over TikTok?
What are those crispy, cheesy waffles taking over TikTok?Janelle Rohner
/ Source: TODAY

Fans of keto and low-carb lifestyles have caught "chaffle" fever, creating everything from keto-friendly fried pickles to cheesy, crunchy bread substitutes in their mini waffle makers and sharing their creations all over the internet … especially on TikTok.

Janelle Rohner, a popular TikTok creator who posts low-carb tips, is one of the leaders of the chaffle craze, starting each of her videos by taking a crunchy bite of her latest creation, telling followers, "Let me show you how I made it."


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Typically, Rohner's tutorial involves a lot of melted cheese.

Rohner said she started eating a keto diet a few years ago because she wanted to lose weight and feel more energetic. The eating plan has stuck, and the mom-of-two has has inspired her more than two million followers to explore how versatile chaffle-making can be and how it can help with maintaining a keto diet.

Janelle Rohner has made chaffles inspired by everything from onion rings to pizza.Janelle Rohner

"I started making them as a bread substitute and then over time, they're so versatile that they've just morphed into desserts and snacks and pizzas," Rohner told TODAY Food. "You can pretty much make anything you want out of them … for whatever reason this last month chaffles have taken over TikTok and I'm here for it."

Cheesy Jalapeño Chaffles

Making a chaffle is simple: Add shredded cheese to a mini waffle maker and close the iron until the light turns off. Then, it's time to remove your crispy chaffle.

But as Rohner and other TikTok creators who post chaffle tutorials will tell you, chaffles are even more fun when you add extra ingredients. Rohner has shared videos of onion ring chaffles, pizza chaffles and more, all made with low-carb additions that take the taste to a whole other level.

These Wonder Bread Chaffles are made from almond flour, mayonnaise and egg and are a light and fluffy bread alternative.Terri Peters

And these low-carb waffles are aren't always cheesy: A "Wonder Bread Chaffle" from keto blog Butter Together Kitchen has also caught the attention of chaffle lovers, and combines almond flour, egg and mayonnaise to make a fluffy, bread-like waffle.

When it comes to making perfect chaffles, Rohner, who shared her Cheesy Jalapeño Chaffle recipe with TODAY, says it's all about having fun.

"My chaffle tips are: Don't use too much cheese it could overflow and get gooey," said Rohner. "And, place a paper plate or paper towel under your waffle maker for easy clean up."

The secret to a crispy chaffle like the ones Rohner crunches in her TikTok videos? Overcook the chaffle, just a bit.

To make "pizza" chaffles, simply cook mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and Italian seasoning in your mini waffle maker.Terri Peters

"Take the chaffle off your waffle maker and let it cool on a paper towel for about two to three minutes," she added. "That also helps with crispiness and will soak up any extra oil."

"I truly believe that looking and feeling your best does not have to suck and food does not have to be bland and boring," said Rohner.