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Kelly Clarkson, fans defend red wine after another singer called it 'gross'

Kelly Clarkson is ready to lead a wine tour for red wine lovers and is hoping to convert a few haters, too.
/ Source: TODAY

A celebrity booze battle has taken over Twitter with Kelly Clarkson leading the charge in defense of her favorite type of red wine.

On Thursday, country singer Maren Morris confessed to social media that she may have an "unrefined palate," and can't move beyond her own opinion that red wine is "gross."

For wine enthusiasts across the country, Morris' tweet was nothing short of shocking.

A few followers agreed, like this person who said it's better to "rosé all day."

Clarkson, however, took it upon herself to show Morris the lay of the land ... the land of vineyards, that is.

"Blasphemy," the singer and self-proclaimed wine lover tweeted Friday. "I mean, maybe you haven’t had the right glass of Pinot Noir is all I’m saying." She then called for a wine tour, using the hashtag #CodeRedWine.

Many of Clarkson's fans were quick to support her stance on red.

Some are salivating over the idea of a Clarkson-led celebrity wine tour.

A fellow pinot noir advocate tweeted, "Can I come?" And included a video of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" star Tituss Burgesswho launched in his own line of pinot in 2016.

One fan pitched "Kelly's celeb winery tours" as a new Netflix show. We'd definitely watch it!

After all, Clarkson has already shown off her co-hosting chops with fellow wine-enthusiast Hoda Kotb — over a glass of wine, of course!

She also shared her secrets to looking so good, which involve eating well and, you guessed it, drinking wine.

"I don't work out," Clarkson admitted. "I do wine instead."

Cheers to that, Clarkson!