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Katie Lee's unusual pregnancy craving involves mayo and pickles

The Food Network star recently admitted she's been craving a controversial sandwich combination.
/ Source: TODAY

Katie Lee is expecting her first child in September and, thankfully for the celebrity chef, she's been able to cook up a storm to satisfy all of her new pregnancy cravings while practicing social distancing with her husband.

On Tuesday, however, Lee shared that one of her strangest snacking delights is actually something a dish that doesn't require any cooking at all.

During a virtual interview with Rachael Ray, Lee, who is expecting a baby girl, admitted she's been "ravenous" while staying at home and, a few days ago, the only thing that hit the spot was an unusual sandwich combination.

"The other day I made a sandwich with mayonnaise and sweet pickles and that was it, and it was strangely delicious," Lee said. Ray started cracking up as Lee talked about the creamy and tangy pairing.

But it turns out Lee isn't the only one who loves the idea of pickle-and-condiment only sandwiches. In 2018, a New York Times recipe for a peanut butter-and-pickle sandwich, which was originally published in 2012, was re-shared and went viral, with internet commentators weighing in on the controversial snack.

Also in 2018, a recipe for a peanut butter-and-mayonnaise sandwich went viral. Some loved the nutty, savory and sweet combination; others were horrified by the idea of those flavors mingling

In a post on Instagram Monday, Lee shared another funny, food-related "pregnant moment."

"Ryan (Biegel, Lee's husband) said this was my "most pregnant" moment yet," Lee wrote. "Biscuits & Gravy on the bump (it's like my own personal TV tray!!), in my nightgown, and now I see I also had food on my chin... nice."

Appearing in TODAY Food's original series "Cooking in Pajamas" in April, Lee said she's been trying to eat more protein during her pregnancy. On Instagram, she's been providing followers with an inside look at some of her favorite recipes.

"I always like to eat, but now I'm ravenous," Lee told Ray. "I can't stop."

Earlier in the week, she shared a short recipe for a shrimp scampi dinner. Over the weekend, she showcased an easy margarita mocktail recipe she spiced up with fresh jalapeños.

During her chat with Ray, Lee also mentioned that the "worst part" about being pregnant during the pandemic is that she hasn't been able to enjoy a drink.

"I want a glass of red wine so bad," the cookbook author author joked.