Kathie Lee tries dog food, washes it down with red wine

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By Julieanne Smolineski, TODAY contributor

Hoda refused to do it. Burly crew members refused to do it. Kathie Lee was the only one ruff enough to take a bite out of some dog food. Evermore, a pet food brand that says the quality ingredients it uses are natural and good enough for humans to eat, is $12 for 24 ounces. It's made with chunks of prime meat cuts, diced veggies, wild blueberries, kale and rolled oats, and comes in beef and chicken varieties.

"Not bad," said Kathie Lee, only to take it back a second later. "Now it's bad," she said before taking a swig of red wine.

"I'm going to take it home and try it on my puppies. If they don't eat it, I'm going to be sick," she laughed.

Hoda was eventually coaxed into trying a morsel. Her reaction? "Oh, God..."

Would you try eating dog food?