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What do Lay's Taste of America chips taste like? Kathie Lee and Hoda weigh in

They're only going to be released in regional markets.
/ Source: TODAY

With a glass of wine in hand, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford enjoyed a taste of the United States — one crunchy chip at a time.

In a wild and wacky sampling of Lay's new regional potato chip flavors for "Wednesday Whaaat?!," the TODAY anchors took a chance with their tastebuds to guess the real inspiration behind each chip.

Kathie and Hoda take a taste of wild and wacky chip flavors.TODAY

"From the Southwest region, what do you think, Kath? You think tacos," Hoda asked her co-host.

"Yeah," Kathie replied. "I mean it's... I know it must have a certain name, but, it's delicious."

They weren't far off! The new Southwest flavor is Chile con Queso.

"I wanna keep eating those," Kathie said as she placed another fiery chip in her mouth.

But when it came to next batch of chips, both women were stumped.

"See, the trouble is, I've got the Chile con Queso in there. I need to cleanse my palate. Excuse me," Kathie Lee said, while taking another sip of wine.

"I don't know. I don't know. What is the Heartland?" Hoda asked, admitting defeat.

Lay's celebrates Chicago flavor with a deep dish pizza chip.Frito-Lay's

Lay's created a nod to Chicago with deep-dish pizza chip.

When it came to the dish from the Midwest — pickles with ranch chips — neither anchor was thrilled.

"I'm not crazy about that one," Kathie said.

As for the last chip?

"Northeast may be my favorite, I think," Hoda said.

"Is it lobster or crab?" they both asked.

The iconic flavor of the Northeast is New England Lobster Roll, a dish Kathie said Hoda has been enjoying often.

Lay's new lobster roll potato chips.Frito-Lay's

"She's on a roll ... on a lobster roll," Kathie laughed.

According to a spokesperson for Frito-Lay, the brand will launch a total of eight regional chip flavors distributed in their local markets from July 30 through Sept. 23. Chip lovers can look for Cajun Spice in the Central Gulf, Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice in the Mid-Atlantic region, Pimento Cheese in the Southeast and Thai Sweet Chili in the Pacific Northwest.

Of course, this isn't first time Lay's has experimented with unusual chip flavors. The company has released Everything Bagel, Crispy Taco and Fried Green Tomato chips as part of its annual "Do Us a Flavor" contest.