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Behold the 'braspberry': Justin Timberlake's fruit mashup invention

Pop star Justin Timberlake is leaving a trail of heart emojis in the wake of his Instagram video in which he "creates" a new fruit.
/ Source: TODAY

Justin Timberlake’s very existence leaves us feeling all warm and fuzzy, so it doesn’t take much to get us swooning when he posts something cute on social media.

Case in point? The singer/Super Bowl headliner/restaurant owner/all-around amazing guy recently posted a video on Instagram in which he stuffs a blueberry into a raspberry, leading to a frenzy of comments with heart emojis.

“Is it a coincidence that a blueberry fits in a raspberry perfectly? I think not. Braspberry,” Timberlake says with a seductive purr while surrounded by baskets of fruit and healthyish-looking snacks.

The person filming goes into a fit of laughter. With over 3.5 million views and thousands of comments about what a genius he is, clearly JT can do no wrong.

While some are going too far by making the eye-roll-inducing declaration that JT has “invented” a new fruit (that’s not how that works, people!), it’s true that he’s given us all a little food for thought when it comes to edible efficiency.

Even more fans have taken to Instagram to show off their own versions of the braspberry:

And while we, too, are big fans of Justin, a little sleuthing uncovered that, sadly, he didn't even invent the word "braspberry." The first Instagram hashtag using the mashup fruit phrase was posted in January 2013 referencing Chambord liqueur, which is made from red and black raspberries.

Oh well, we'll still give the "SexyBack" singer credit for bringing a cute fruit trend we've all tried once or twice back into the spotlight.