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Make Joy Bauer's healthy veggie lo mein, peach melba — each under 100 calories

Nutritionist Joy Bauer shares healthier recipes for vegetable lo mein and peach melba, which together set you back less than 200 calories!
/ Source: TODAY

Vegetable Lo Mein might seem like a smart option when ordering Chinese food, but couple the dish’s high noodle-to-veggie ratio with the loads of oil used to prepare it, and you can easily spend 650 calories on a pint-size portion. Try this version, which is just 90 calories per serving.

This make-at-home version is simple and slimming. That’s because I’ve replaced regular starchy noodles with low-carb zucchini “spaghetti.”


Now you definitely have room for dessert! Peach Melba, which features peach as its main ingredient, is another seemingly “healthy” splurge, but it could set you back 450 calories per serving. Enjoy the same flavors for a fraction of the calories with this recipe:

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