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Joy Bauer's 'Longevity Smoothie' is a nutrition-packed powerhouse

Enjoy juicy berries, leafy greens and nuts in this delightfully easy smoothie.

We’re all looking for the key to a longer, healthier life, but it seems that some people may actually know the secret.

Many of these wise, older folks live in areas that researchers call “Blue Zones." They are Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Icaria, Greece; Nicoya, Costa Rica and Loma Linda in California. People in these regions live longer, on average, than anyone else in the world and experts have studied the lifestyles of residents in these areas to find out what they have in common.

One thing they share? A diet loaded with nutritious fare like antioxidant-rich berries, nuts, leafy greens, tea and seeds like chia and flax.

Joy Bauer's Longevity Smoothie

Get the recipe here.

So I decided to pack all of these good-for-you ingredients into one delicious smoothie. It’s a one-stop shop for healthy fats and plenty of essential vitamins and nutrients in one glass.

If there were awards given out to smoothies, this one would take the MVP trophy for nutrition ... but it also tastes incredible!

A few quick tips: You can use fresh or frozen berries in any combination that you like, just avoid using any without adding sugar. The type of berry that you use will obviously determine the color of your smoothie. I typically get a vibrant purple hue because I use half blueberries.

You can also mix and match nuts, so use whatever you like. When it comes to the greens, use kale, spinach or a combo of the two — it won’t affect the flavor.

Grab a straw and get ready to savor every nutritious sip.

For more recipes, follow Joy on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and check out her new kids' book "Yummy Yoga."

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