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Joy Bauer powers up breakfast with protein-packed apple pancakes

Nothing says fall quite like fresh apples! These protein-packed pancakes are loaded with nutritious extras to help fill you up and give you energy.

Nothing says breakfast quite like a stack of fluffy pancakes. And nothing says fall quite like a fresh, juicy apple. Joy Bauer uses this staple fall produce to remake a breakfast classic that contains a whopping 22 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber in every serving — and they're incredibly easy to make!

"My sister, my nieces, my nephews, everybody loves pancakes. And a lotta times we'll have breakfast for dinner," said Joy. "So I'm always looking for interesting and healthified ways to sort of amp up the goodness of pancakes."

Another Bauer family tradition? Apple picking. Joy decided to put all of those leftover apples to use in a new dish that is more nutritious than an apple pie and comes together in less than 15 minutes.

Besides the classic combination of warm apples, spicy cinnamon, oats and fragrant vanilla, these pancakes also contain a special secret ingredient: chia seeds.

"Chia seeds are like nutrition sprinkles," said Joy. "They sort of up the health quotient of anything that you put them into. They have fiber. They have omega-3's. They have protein."

Apples may not be considered a trendy superfood like acai berries or kale, but there's a reason that they have remained one of America's favorite fruits for decades. They are delicious, they come in so many varieties and they're incredibly versatile.

"Apples are the ultimate snack, because they're portion controlled. Each apple is just about 80 calories," said Joy. Plus, they're filled with fiber and the skin contains pectin, which research has shown can help lower bad cholesterol.

It's not really fall until you take a trip to the apple orchard with the family ... and, of course, furry friends should tag along, too!
It's not really fall until you take a trip to the apple orchard with the family ... and, of course, furry friends should tag along, too!Courtesy Joy Bauer

Joy says her family enjoys this recipe for breakfast (and sometimes even for dinner!) but the filling pancakes also make a great afternoon snack.

Added Joy, "It's really important to start your day with protein and fiber because that's sort of the dynamic duo that will boost your energy, that's gonna level your blood sugars, that's gonna keep you feeling full and energized during your morning routine."

Looking for more of Joy's powerful food-packed recipes. Check out her book, "Joy's Simple Food Remedies," available now!

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