Rough night? Joy Bauer's Hangover Helper smoothie to the rescue

Not feeling so great after a night out? This simple smoothie is a refreshing way to help replenish essential vitamins.

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/ Source: TODAY
By Joy Bauer

I can't begin to tell you how many people over the years have asked me if there's any kind of remedy or quick fix that could help cure a hangover. Now, of course, the short answer is no. Unfortunately, there's no magic, no hocus-pocus that will instantly make you feel like you didn't have anything to drink at all!

But, in addition to drinking water, there are some things you can do after a rough night. I did a deep dive into the research and I found that there are quite a few things that may help you feel better the morning after.

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So, I decided to create a smoothie, that has all the right stuff to help rehydrate your body. I'm calling it my "Hangover Helper," and it's so tasty that you'll want to enjoy it whether or not you've had a big night.

When you're suffering from a hangover, it's mainly because you're dehydrated and you have a low blood sugar and you've lost some electrolytes. This smoothie has three main ingredients that contain essential vitamins and enzymes to help reduce those pesky symptoms.

Bananas and mangoes are both loaded with potassium, which will help replace lost electrolytes. They also chip in vitamin B6, which will help give you energy and support the immune system. Pineapples are incredibly hydrating and they also contain a digestive enzyme called bromelain, which eases inflammation and promotes proper digestive function.

Together, these three fruits make one delicious drink!

Cheers to a great New Year!

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