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Celebrity chef offers failed 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant a delicious prize

A North Carolina may still be able to learn flamenco dancing after mispronouncing it, courtesy of award-winning chef Jose Andres.
/ Source: TODAY

The internet is littered with epic game show flubs but it turns out that making a big mistake on TV might not be so bad after all.

A North Carolina man who mispronounced “flamenco” as “flamingo” might have been embarrassed on "Wheel of Fortune" when his episode aired in April, but he ended up with $19,000 in cash and prizes — and multiple trip invitations to Spain, including one from award-winning chef Jos Andres.

Not too shabby for a consolation prize!

During the now viral episode clip, Jonny Knowles solved one of the puzzles incorrectly as "Flamingo dance lessons" instead of "Flamenco dance lessons," and looked quite confused, if not a bit angry, once Pat Sajak broke the bad news.

Knowles' snafu prompted a mixed reaction on social media.

Comments on YouTube included one viewer who said, "The look on his face says it all ?? poor guy," while another commented that the woman who ultimately solved the puzzle also mispronounced it, saying the “e” as an “a."

Folks on Twitter had their say, as well.

Knowles ultimately redeemed himself when he solved a puzzle later in the episode that read, “What just happened?” which “Wheel of Fortune” staff put together as a nod to his flub.

Still, the contestant's lack of knowledge about flamenco dancing got lots of attention online and resulted in a slew of offers to get up to speed on the art, including one from Spanish-born chef Jose Andres.

Known for his philanthropic efforts and his work feeding Puerto Ricans after the 2017 hurricanes and those affected by the Northern California wildfires, Andres kindly offered to fly Knowles and a guest to his restaurant Jaleo by Jose Andres in Spain.

The chef, who was recently awarded the James Beard Foundation’s Humanitarian of the Year award, said he'd even cover his flights, hotel and meals for a week’s trip.

Airbnb also offered to set Knowles up with a rental in Spain, fly him there and throw in some activities like flamenco dance lessons, too. An Airbnb spokesperson told TODAY Food he's accepted and plans to bring his wife and baby.

The National Institute of Flamenco also got in on the fun and invited Knowles to travel to New Mexico for the world's biggest Flamenco festival outside of Spain to experience dance workshops.

No word on if Knowles will take Andres up on his offer, but there are a host of other Spanish food fans who would gladly step in if he declines!