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The Jonas Brothers' latest collaboration is just for adults only

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas will all be featured on bottles of one of America's bestselling beers.
/ Source: TODAY

The Jonas Brothers just made their own beer. And, yes, they are all old enough to drink it.

It turns out that Kevin, 31, Joe, 30, and Nick,27, are all suckers for Coors Light, so they teamed up with the popular beer brand to create a limited-edition, Jonas Brothers-themed brew that will have their faces on the bottle.

Earlier this month, the trio visited the Coors brewery in Golden, Colorado, while they were in the area during a stop on their "Happiness Begins" tour.

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas have partnered with Coors Light to create a limited-edition themed beer. Coors Brewing Company

The brothers got a hands-on experience during the brewing process, tossing in hops and even helped to stir up their special batch, which will taste just like regular Coors Light.

"We are long-time fans of Coors Light and were really excited to be invited out to the Coors brewery," the Jonas Brothers said in a statement to media provided by Coors. "We can't wait for our fans to try the limited edition six-packs of Coors Light that we helped to brew. And it's pretty amazing that our faces are on the iconic mountains on the bottle."

The Jonas Brothers' faces will appear on the limited-edition beer bottles. Coors Brewing Company

The limited-edition beer will be available starting mid-November in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Nashville and Tampa.

The brothers, who became famous as teenagers, are now old enough to drink, as are many of their fans who first idolized them nearly a decade ago.

However, the brothers' decision to collaborate with Coors has left some wondering about the message it might be sending to the band's younger fans.

At least one tweeter worried that the partnership would inspire underage drinking.

Other younger fans are already expressing interest in getting their hands on the bottles.

Another account may have been trolling some older fans when posting, "A shame none of their fans are old enough to buy it..."

However, as a marketing tactic, the stunt already seems to be working as dozens have said that while they "literally hate beer," they would happily buy anything with the Jonas Brothers' faces on it.

Others were simply surprised but supportive, with one fan writing on Facebook, "Never thought I'd see the day where the jonas brothers and a beer company would be together in one photo .. I'm kinda here for it though."

And a lot of their fans are just really, really excited.

It's not the first time the Jonas Brothers have appeared on a food or beverage label.

In 2008, they appeared on the box for Breakfast Breaks, a grab-and-go breakfast meal for kids that came with cereal, raisins and a juice box.

Looks like the brothers have happily transitioned into adulthood with this adults-only collaboration.