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Joanna Gaines reveals she'll have a cooking show on the Magnolia network

Chip and Joanna Gaines have a tasty treat in store for fans when they launch their own television network next year.
/ Source: TODAY

Former "Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are returning to television next year in a very big way.

Rather than starring in just one home improvement show, they’re creating an entire network with a lineup that showcases their many Magnolia endeavors — including one program that’s sure to satisfy fans hungry for more content with a Texas lifestyle twist.

During a visit to “The Tonight Show” Thursday, the duo opened up about what’s to come.

"We’re knee-deep in it right now," Joanna Gaines said of developing their network. "I think what we love is just the idea of finding amazing stories and people who are passionate about what they do, whether it’s cooking, design, business."

They certainly don’t need to look far to find someone who’s passionate about cooking. In addition to being a doyenne of interior design, Joanna knows her way around a kitchen — and her restaurant, and her coffee shop. She's even the author of a bestselling cookbook, too.

In fact, she has a new cookbook on the way next year (“Magnolia Table, Volume 2”), which prompted Jimmy Fallon to make a suggestion.

“I don’t want to tell you how to do your network, but I would do a cooking show if I were you,” he said.

Chip warmed up to the idea right away, saying, “I’m cool with it. You’re talking to the executives of the Magnolia network, and when Jimmy Fallon says Jo should do a cooking show, I vote that Jo does a cooking show.”

However, it appears the real vote on that matter happened long before Thursday night, because when Fallon mentioned that he’d like to be a guest on such a show, Joanna immediately took him up on the offer.

“I would love to have you as a guest,” she said, adding, “We’re doing one, yes. We’re going to do it! It’ll be fun. I’ll call you soon.”

We can't wait! But alas, we'll have to.

The Magnolia network is expected to launch in October 2020.