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Love peanut butter? Jimmy Kimmel says this gadget may 'change your life'

It might not be effortless ... but it definitely does the trick!
Jimmy Kimmel, Peanut Butter
Jimmy Kimmel Live!ABC
/ Source: TODAY

Natural peanut butter may have less sugar and fewer preservatives than traditional varieties but let's face it, constantly dealing with the oily sludge can be a real mess.

Jimmy Kimmel apparently hates mixing peanut butter ... just like the rest of us. He even dreams about it.

We're not surprised Kimmel has had a run-in or two with an unmixed jar of peanut butter. After all, the man is a savant when it comes to making and decorating pancakes, so clearly he loves experimenting in the kitchen.

 PB&J French Toast

Luckily for all the natural peanut butter-loving people throughout the world, Kimmel took a few precious minutes during Wednesday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to share a recent discovery: a reusable, mess-free peanut butter mixer.

"Allow me an opportunity to change your life," Kimmel said to the audience. "So the other night … I had a dream. I was on a flight from New York to L.A. and I woke up thinking, 'There must be a better way to mix peanut butter' because I hate mixing a new jar...

"The oil sloshes all over and you have to be like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to be able to work it in. It’s a nightmare. I was dreaming about a nightmare. Literally.”

To remedy this kitchen nightmare (not so fast, Gordon Ramsay), Kimmel searched far and wide and eventually discovered a peanut butter-mixing gadget, which he then showed his audience how to use.

"Good," he said, as he placed the reusable lid faceted with a churner to his jar. "It's like being at Costco, right? We're doing a demo."

After a few cranks, Kimmel said, "And then you will get, creamy mixed —" before the crowd interrupted with wild applause.

Kimmel didn't mention the brand, but the device looks very similar to Grandpa Witmer’s Mess-Free Natural Peanut Butter Mixer, which created a Twitter account after the episode aired.

According to the product's Amazon reviews, Kimmel isn't the only one whose life was changed by the device. It has over 900 reviews, with almost 60 percent of users giving it a five-star rating.

Grandpa Witmer’s Peanut Butter Mixer, $11, Amazon

One happy customer described her struggle with mixing peanut butter for the last 13 years and called the device a "total time saver."

Another wrote, "An incredible and easy to use tool that makes the messy and painstaking task of mixing/ blending settled peanut butter a cinch."

Jimmy Kimmel debuted this gadget on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"Amazon

As for why Kimmel devoted "two full minutes of network television air time to opening and mixing a jar of peanut butter?"

"Because I’m trying to improve your life, OK, that's why," he said.

Grandpa Witmer’s Peanut Butter Mixer, $11, Amazon