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Jimmy Fallon wants to eat dinner with your family — but there's a catch

Got a great recipe? Send it to "The Tonight Show" and you may just get some famous dinner guests later this month.
/ Source: TODAY

For years, many a fan has dreamt of sitting on the sofa next to Jimmy Fallon, just horsing around while The Roots jam it out.

For one lucky family in the City of Brotherly Love, that dream may be soon become a reality.

If a belly laugh and a good beat are part of your dinner party goals this month — and you have a great family recipe up your sleeve — you may be in luck.

"The Tonight Show" announced on its Facebook page this week that Fallon and Tariq Luqmaan Trotter, aka The Roots' MC Black Thought (a Philly native), plan to visit Philadelphia on April 17 ... and they're looking for a "home cooked meal with a local family" while they're in town.

Time to pore over those family recipe books.

For a chance to win the company of Fallon and Trotter for a night, just email the recipe you'd love to cook for the duo to Don't forget to include why Fallon and Trotter should visit your home.

Oh, and be prepared to be a star in the kitchen as well as a star on social media because the whole dinner will be live streamed.

Since the post went up, Philadelphians and out-of-towners have been champing at the bit for a chance to cook for the stars.

"That is so cool of Jimmy Fallon to do this. He's a down to earth, fun, life living, funny, cool, awesome, and so much more kind of host," a follower replied to the post. "I still remember the super bowl [sic] with him hanging out with everyone, he's not a high mighty all about himself person. Love these types of segments and it's a reason I love watching Jimmy The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at night. Keep up the awesome job Jimmy."

"Oh my God!!! I would die!!!" one tweeter wrote.

Another posted he's got both the cooking and drumming chops to meet his guests' entertainment needs.

What to cook is also a hot topic online.

One contest entrant posted a photo of homemade spring rolls to entice the talk show host and musician.

While many Philadelphia Eagles fans may be hot wings fanatics, they might want to rethink serving the classic dish if they're trying to entice Fallon. The master of comedy might still be cooling off from those facial burns after having hot sauce dumped on his head.

And if you're trying to figure out what drinks to serve, Fallon was sighted sipping Guinness in the morning at his favorite New York City pub on St. Patrick's Day. But, according to a waitress familiar with his orders, his usual drink of choice is a Shirley Temple with three cherries.

Guinness or grenadine, it's sure to be one heck of a dinner party with Fallon and Trotter at the table.