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Jennifer Garner struggles to not wake her kids up in funny early morning baking video

It's Mom vs. the kitchen cabinets.
/ Source: TODAY

Over the past year or so we've seen Jennifer Garner make everything from English muffins, crispy fish sticks, a seed cake for her chickens, and have even watched her earn the respect of her cooking hero, Ina Garten.

But in her latest video, Garner takes on perhaps her greatest challenge ever: Getting up at 5:30 a.m. to bake chocolate bread for her children to scarf down before school.

The recipe itself isn't so much the problem. It's more about the fact that Garner, despite whispering to keep down the noise, can't stop slamming the kitchen cabinets!

She didn't take out her ingredients the night before, so she's having to grab everything from the cabinets as she starts the recipe. And the cabinets are not whispering back.

The first time, we understand — cabinets close themselves with a rousing bang. The second time, whoops! The third time ... oy. We're going to blame the early hour.

"Why will I never learn?" she shakes her hands at the ceiling.

But there are loads of things to love about the video, in addition to her delight in making bread for Violet, 13, Seraphina, 9, and Samuel, 6. First, we love her pajamas (and that she's filming in them). Next, we love her I-didn't-soften-enough-butter hack, in which she uses a cheese grater to "soften" the additional tablespoons.

But mostly, we just love Garner, who now makes us want to bake chocolate bread. She tagged the owner of the recipe, Rose Beranbaum, whose "Cake Bible" features the recipe — and Beranbaum tagged her back with a picture!

That's exactly what we hope Garner's children woke up to the other day. Bon appétit!