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Jennifer Garner's son gave her spice collection a hilarious makeover

He's got a pretty spicy sense of humor!
Jennifer Garner's 7-year-old son decided to help his mom out in the kitchen. The results were pretty funny. Robyn Beck / AFP-Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

When Jennifer Garner asked her son to help out in the kitchen over the weekend, hilarious hijinks quickly ensued.

It all started when the mother of three enlisted her youngest child Samuel, 7, to create several new labels for her dried herb collection. The 7-year-old couldn't help but add a dash of humor to the task at hand and decided to assign a rather flavorful name to almost every jar.

Garner's pizza spice mix became "Pizza the right way," and sage was renamed as "Sage The Children," a nod to Save the Children, a charity close to Garner's heart.

Like many kids, Samuel displayed a clear affection for bathroom humor, turning rosemary into "Rosefart," and the meatball mix into "Meatbutt."

He did, however, keep one spice's name in tact: thyme. We're not quite sure why that herb was spared.

Garner shared her son's handiwork on Instagram with two hilarious hashtags: "That's what I get for wanting funny kids," and "By the way drying your spices is fun."

The post has since been liked over 150,000 times. Even Ina Garten, Garner's celebrity chef crush, gave the adorable photo her stamp of Insta-approval.

The actress will likely be spending plenty of time admiring Samuel's funny labels as she whips up delicious meals in her kitchen. These days, cooking seems to be one of her favorite activities. Earlier this year, the 47-year-old's daughter even joked that if the actress ever goes to court, she'll be taking an oath on a stack of cookbooks.

On episodes of her recurring "Pretend Cooking Show" that frequently appears across her social media channels, Garner has given fans a behind-the-scenes look at some of her kitchen adventures.

In September, she whipped up a tasty pizza with an award-winning chef and she's also cooked up crispy fish sticks from scratch.

Garner has also been very open about her love for Garten, and often experiments by putting her own twist on "Barefoot Contessa" recipes.

She's also dabbled in quite a bit of baking. Last year, Garner shared an adorable video of herself making a loaf of chocolate bread at 5:30 a.m. so her kids would have something warm and delicious to tuck into before school.

We can only wonder if Samuel will be renaming his mother's baking supplies next. Let's just hope he doesn't play around with the sugar and salt!