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Jennifer Garner offering M&M's with her face on them to people who vote

They look tasty — and patriotic.
/ Source: TODAY

What’s better than M&M's? M&M's with Jennifer Garner's face on them!

Garner posted a short stop-motion video on her Instagram on Election Day, urging Americans to exercise their right to vote. The incentive? Some M&M's with her face printed on them.

Garner told her followers to tag her in posts showing that they voted for the chance to get some personalized M&M's sent to them.

She also joked, "If you think this is the weirdest thing ever, I agree."

It should be noted it is technically illegal to provide voters with incentives — though it didn't stop the actress from offering the sweet reward a day after posting a selfie in which she proudly wears an "I Voted" sticker.

After Garner shared her video, many fans quickly commented that they'd voted too. Clearly, there's a high demand for Jennifer Garner-themed M&M's!