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Jennifer Garner handles rejection hilariously as she hands out baby food samples

Being in the acting business has probably prepared her to face a slew of no's.
/ Source: TODAY

Oh, Jennifer Garner. You are the celebrity we all aspire to be someday.

You drive your ex to rehab. You try to get us to love pet chickens. You fumble in the kitchen with Barefoot Contessa recipes and show us the play-by-play.

And now, you're trying to get people to eat your cold-pressed, organic baby food and applesauce in a grocery store — and, quite frankly, failing.

Garner's latest food-related venture didn't go so well initially, but the "Peppermint" actress' upbeat demeanor in the face of rejection has us loving her all the more.

In a series of videos Garner posted to her Instagram story, she shows us what happened when she offered samples of baby food created for her company Once Upon a Farm to shoppers at a Kroger supermarket in Cincinnati.

And she's having a hard time getting anyone to chow down.

Keep upbeat, Jennifer! It'll happen!jennifer.garner/Instagram

Really?! If Jennifer Garner came over to us and asked if we wanted a taste of something she'd had a hand in making — forget the sample! — we'd eat the entire thing.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. At last, we see a baby testing out the product ... and going back for more.

Some success!jennifer.garner/Instagram

And then, we get the older demographic!

An all-grown-up shopper announces, "That's good! I would eat that!" (Plus, a Kroger worker also gives it a thumbs-up.)

At last! A potential customer (though also a supermarket employee) approves!jennifer.garner/Instagram

"Did you see the delight?" Garner asks the camera after she gets some tasters.

We sure did, Jen. We sure did.

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