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Jenna Fischer's kids gave her a bill for her Mother's Day breakfast

Apparently, there's no such thing as a free meal … even if you are a famous mom!
/ Source: TODAY

The love Jenna Fischer receives from her children each and every day may be unconditional — but getting a nice Mother's Day breakfast in bed certainly isn't free.

On Sunday, the "Splitting Up Together" star took to Instagram to post a picture of an itemized bill that she received from her two kids for the special breakfast they whipped up for her on Mother's Day.

We're guessing that her son Weston, 7, and daughter Harper, 5, may have had a little help from their dad (screenwriter Lee Kirk) in cooking up both the meal and the handwritten bill — which definitely hit their mom right in the funny bone.

"My kids wanted to surprise me with breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day,'' she wrote on Instagram. "They came to take my order. At the end, they gave me this bill. I’m dying laughing. They said 'The New York Times is not always free, that’s just for Mother’s Day.'''

Hey, at least they gave her a break on the usual newspaper fee.

Adding to the perfection of the hilarious bill was the fact that the former co-star of "The Office" was charged for "fresh sourdough toast" that she had actually baked herself.

Fischer loves to bake bread from scratch and had posted a photo a different photo on Mother's Day of her homemade sourdough bread, too.

"Did they charge you for the sourdough that you made?" one commenter wrote. "Happy Mother’s Day!!"

It wasn't just the food — which included scrambled eggs, coffee with milk and toast — that was added to the total, either. The flowers and balloon decorations ran Fischer $1 a piece, but she still got the whole lovely meal for a mere $5.50.

"They're going hard, charging for decor too!" another commenter replied.

An affordable meal with low-cost decorations? We hope Jenna at least gave them a nice tip!

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