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Jell-O and cream cheese?! People share their family's wildest Thanksgiving recipes

Social media users are sharing photos and descriptions of some unique creations.
Gelatin Delight Salad
TODAY's Dylan Dreyer loves her family's Gelatin Delight Salad that is made with lime gelatin, various fruits and cream cheese.Nathan Congleton / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

Thanksgiving is about family and food. And to that end, every family has their own Thanksgiving traditions, from the classics like turkey and stuffing to what we can only describe as, well, unique dishes!

On Saturday, writer Maya Kosoff took to Twitter to ask followers about weird and retro recipes their families have adopted as a Thanksgiving tradition. The answers got pretty interesting!

Among the dishes that came up in conversation was Kosoff's own "seafoam salad," which is a combination of lime Jell-O, canned pears, water, cream cheese, heavy cream and Cool Whip.

But it turns out her family's signature dish wasn't all that singular because a lot of families appear to have similar stories to tell!

Social media users shared photos and descriptions of uncommon recipes, including a cake made out of bologna and ranch cream cheese and a "barf salad.”

The end result is that there are a whole lot of people whipping up really unique creations with their cream cheese and other dairy products, and those special dishes tend to involve colorful green Jell-O as well. Interesting!

But before anyone gets judgmental, it's clear every family has their thing. Tradition is a beautiful thing to have, even when it jiggles on a plate.

It appears all these inventive family dishes are all in good company: TODAY’s own Dylan Dreyer has shared her family makes a green Gelatin Delight Salad that has become something of a tradition.

Dylan's family always enjoy their Gelatin Delight Salad with a savory meal.Nathan Congleton / NBC

This, too, is a mix of — you guessed it — lime Jell-O and cream cheese, along with some other tasty ingredients.

'Tis the season to to stock up on Jell-O and dairy products!