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Jamie Oliver calls putting grapes on pizza a 'game changer'

“Once you try it, the sweetness, the saltiness, the whole kind of thing, is beautiful,” he says.
/ Source: TODAY

A grape error or a grape idea?

British chef Jamie Oliver has incited controversy with a recipe that calls for putting grapes on pizza. He showed off his recipe on a recent episode of his UK show "Keep Cooking Family Favourites."

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Oliver’s pizza featured sausage, olive oil, red onion, pine nuts, dried tomato pesto and what he calls “the secret ingredient” — grapes.

“Just a handful is all you need,” he says.

“Once you try it, the sweetness, the saltiness, the whole kind of thing, is beautiful,” he adds.

Oliver also suggests adding rosemary, noting that rosemary and grapes “are a match made in heaven.” Then, he added some mozzarella before cooking.

“That combination is a game changer,” he says about the dish.

You could say he’s “raisin” heck because a lot of people are simply not onboard with his culinary creation.

Oliver posted a poll on Twitter asking people if they support grapes on a pizza.

More than 1,900 replies poured in, with 65% choosing the "Nah, not for me" option and several folks on both sides chiming in with their own responses.

"The only grapes that should go with pizza are in red wine," one person wrote.

"To the 'Nah' crowd... you never enjoyed a platter with cheese, baguette, and... grapes?" someone else pointed out.

"Lose your key to the City of Napoli with that. Right up there with pineapple," another person wrote.

Grapes on pizza, which seems akin to Giada De Laurentiis' Grape and Rosemary Focaccia, ups the ante for toppings that divide public opinion, like a pizza wheel slicing through a large pepperoni pie.

Giada's Grape and Rosemary Focaccia

Earlier this week, an Iowa pizzeria raised eyebrows with its Froot Loops pizza and we can't forget the grandfather of all pizza topping argumentspineapple — which has its detractors, as well as its champions, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.