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Jamba Juice just changed its name — here's why

The California-based quick service chain has a new lineup of food to go along with its smoothies.
Jamba Juice
Jamba Juice
/ Source: TODAY

Jamba Juice, the quick service chain known primarily for its sugary smoothies, has a new look, new menu items and — most importantly — a new name.

On Thursday, the California-based pit stop for cold, fruity drinks announced some big changes that will affect stores nationwide.

For starters, Jamba Juice has officially dropped the word "juice" and will now just be known as Jamba — a nickname that was apparently coined by regular patrons over Jamba's 30 years in business.

The popular national smoothie chain dropped the "Juice" part of its name and is now just Jamba.Jamba

"We’re proud to have launched the smoothie and juice category three decades ago and can’t wait to join our guests’ wellness journey for decades to come," Jamba’s President Geoff Henry said in a prepared statement.

While just saying "Jamba" may take some getting used to for many, the company's branding team said the new moniker better reflects all of the menu items it will be offering, and not just the drinkable ones that have previously received a bad rap for being too sugary and not very healthful.

This week, the chain started rolling out an expanded menu — adding bowls and "fun size on-the-go-bites," to its existing repertoire of smoothies, juices, breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal. Customers can now also savor items with new trendy ingredients, like the Vanilla Blue Sky Smoothie and Bowl, which have a very Instagram-worthy blue color from powdered spirulina (a blue-green algae that's rich in several vitamins and minerals).

Jamba, formerly Jamba Juice, launched a new plant-based spirulina smoothie and smoothie bowl.Jamba

More new dishes and drinks will roll out throughout 2019, including other plant-based and reduced-sugar options, updated breakfast foods and seasonal products. The revamped menu also has a returning item: the Watermelon Breeze Smoothie because, hello, it's basically summer.

But the chain isn't stopping at a modernized menu or shortened name. Beginning this summer, all new Jamba locations will have a new interior and storefront logo inspired by the chain's original store in San Luis Obispo, California. Customers can expect to dive into their non-juicy Jamba food surrounded by lots of light wood, bright colorful accents and display boxes filled with fresh ingredients.

Jamba's new stores will have a fresh look to reflect its original San Luis Obispo, California juice shop.Jamba

Like Starbucks, the chain also has a smartphone app that allows customers to order ahead for quick pickup and receive perks through an online loyalty program.

Of course, Jamba isn't the first store to make headlines with a new name. In January, the coffee and doughnut brand Dunkin' Donuts became just Dunkin.' And, though it turned out to be a publicity stunt, IHOP switched the "P" to a "B" for a stint to promote its burger offerings in 2018.

What's next? Will Starbucks become just "Star"?