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It's over! J.Lo and A-Rod celebrated the end of the 10-day challenge with a big carb fest

They ended the strict diet plan with a feast of epic proportions.
JLo and A-Rod 10-Day challenge
/ Source: TODAY

If you're trying to take the 10-day challenge popularized by Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, avert your eyes — this article will make you pretty hungry.

The famed power couple followed a very restrictive diet plan by eliminating carbs and sugar for 10 whole days. But suffering in silence wasn't their style, so they invited friends (including TODAY's Hoda Kotb) to join them in the challenge, which involves a meal plan of meat, vegetables and nuts for daily survival.

In 10 days, a lot can happen. Even though she hasn't finished yet, Hoda said she discovered a new level of energy and felt incredible after a few days without processed sugars. Carson Daly — who also accepted the challenge but stopped on the first night after being tempted by his sister's chicken pot pie — realized that eating carbs is one of life's little joys and should not be given up lightly.

While Hoda is charging forward on the challenge (and likely envisioning what to devour when it ends Sunday), for J.Lo and A-Rod, the wait is finally over.

J.Lo told TODAY that she started her first challenge-free day with a bowl of oatmeal, but couldn't eat more than a few bites.

"I was dreaming about what I was going to eat but the truth is you can't fit that much down," the singer said.

Her beau, on the other hand, had different cravings.

"Alex went crazy," J.Lo admitted.

On Thursday night, the duo took to their Instagrams to post multiple stories and photos of their hard-earned, carb-filled feasts.

J.Lo panned over a long dinner table laden with platters of fried plantains, meats, rice, salad and Brussels sprouts and wrote, "Time to dig in." Then she posted a shot of the spread with the caption, "Worth the wait."

Jennifer Lopez posts an Instagram story featuring her and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez's 10-Day Challenge completion feast.Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

A-Rod's spread included mountainous plates of pastries and sweets, multiple pizzas, french fries, wings and lots of sugary condiments like ketchup.

"Top this," the former Yankees player wrote.

Hoda, you've officially been challenged. Again.