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Jimmy Fallon reveals people still aren't sure how to say LaCroix

There are a lot of food words that many of us just can't say correctly.
/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to food, there are plenty of relatively easy-to-say brand names like Hershey's, Coca-Cola and Taco Bell. But then, there are some toughies, too. Is it "Bah-rill-lah" or "Bar-ree-yah" pasta?

There are plenty foods that give us pronunciation anxiety, too. Consider bruschetta or quinoa. But one particular brand of sparkling water is giving all those other hard-to-say foods a run for their money.

It's LaCroix. Quick, how do you say it?! For the record, it’s supposed to be pronounced "La-Kroy." But Jimmy Fallon decided to have some fun with water-loving consumers and recently sent a member of his "Tonight Show" staff to the streets, asking random people about the fizzy beverage — while mispronouncing the canned water each and every time. And the results were pretty funny.

A lot of people simply had no idea that he was saying the name completely wrong.

Or, if they did, they weren't sure enough to correct him. We've all been there in our own conversations. Take for instance, all the arguments on how to say "GIF."

Pronunciations in the video range from "La Crow-wix" to "L-A-Croys" to "Le Quaff" and the even more bizarre "La La Croisha." Pretty confusing ... but also very hilarious.

We at TODAY won't judge these people too harshly, though. There are actually a lot of food words we all have problems saying.

While watching the segment, we waited for just one savvy person to call the interviewer out and give us all the right pronunciation.

But no one did, proving that despite LaCroix's insane popularity, people still aren't really sure what to call it. Or if they do know how say it, they just didn't have the heart to correct someone working for Jimmy Fallon.