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Mayo in coffee? Unlikely combination sparks Twitter debate

Mayonnaise is probably best left for sandwiches.
/ Source: TODAY

Remember the Bulletproof coffee trend of 2013?

Years ago, many balked at the idea of adding butter to a steaming cup of morning java — even though the fat, along with coconut oil, supposedly boosts energy and improves brainpower.

Now, there's a new high-fat, coffee creamer-substitute sparking a fierce debate online. It's mayonnaise.

On Wednesday, Philadelphia-based sports writer Jim Salisbury tweeted that he once put mayo in his coffee when he was out of half-in-half. How did it taste? According to the reporter, the combination wasn’t “half bad.”

We were kind of taken aback, as was Twitter, where many found the combination to be an abomination. (We imagine as would former President Barack Obama, who famously shared he hates mayo … and doesn’t drink coffee.)

Many said the idea just made them feel quesy:

Others touted the now better-known combination of using butter as a stand-in for cream:

But quite a few were just left in disbelief:

Now, before we get too weirded out by the addition of mayo to coffee, it might not be that out there. Like butter, mayo is a source of fat — and it’s nothing if not rich and creamy, too. People have been drinking Bulletproof coffee – with unsalted butter added – for a while now. Fans claim it's a good source of fuel for metabolizing the carbs we eat during the day.

And when it comes to cooking, it’s actually a common baking technique to use mayo as a replacement for butter, especially when trying to avoid adding dairy in recipes.

Whatever floats your boat, we guess. But if you're having guests over for breakfast, it probably wouldn't hurt to stock up on creamer and mayo, just in case.